Silicone Gloves

We are proud to supply the Regal Silicone Cosmetic Gloves,   

RPL is the exclusive U.K. & Ireland distributor.

The Silicone gloves we supply, have been fully tested and comply with ISO 9000 standard. They are both good looking and tough, there is a layer of nylon fabric inside the gloves to give them their superior strength and a double layer in the finger tips on some models for extra strength.

We have been supplying the Myo style gloves for some years now without any problem and have recently extended range of gloves, including the Semi-Custom Made models.

A new range of longer length gloves is available, as well as the ‘X’ Series range of gloves, that offer an extra degree of realism, including hairs.

Because of our reputation we have been very careful in choosing a range of silicone gloves that compliments our existing range of RealSkin gloves. These Silicone gloves are truly the best we have seen to date.

If you have not seen these gloves, please contact us for further details.

For wrist or above wrist disarticulation

101 L

102 L

102 LS

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For myo/mechanical hand mechanism


100 L

100 PL - System 2000

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Silicone cosmetic gloves for partial hand amputation, with zip.


103 SCM (Semi Custom Made)

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Silicone crawling hand for very young children

CH  (3 sizes available)  S ,M, L

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